Taiwan Sees First Bitcoin Robbery, Suspects Arrested ...

The Biggest Heist Possibly EVER is Happening NOW!

  1. Early November it's announced BTC will have two Futures Market.
  2. Shortly after the announcement Hedge Fund Managers along with the wealthy elite start buying up BTC by the billions in order to drive price up to ATH (19k) with the knowledge of knowing they would short the 1st BPOE future.
  3. First Future Market set at 15k
  4. Hedge Fund Managers start laddering sales of their now ATH BTCs making BILLIONS.
  5. These large sales slowly create panic and more people start selling. By this time The hedge funds guys are close to cashed out.
  6. Market takes a dump and the Hedge Funds Made Billions buying BTC Low and selling high while at the same time NAILING their short call on Future Market.
  1. Hedge Funds Managers and Wealthy Elite go LONG on BCME Future which is due 10 days after the first futures call.
  2. Market takes a complete nose dive back to 9k and gues who is their to start buying again? Thats right the Hedge Fund Managers and Wealthy Elite.
  3. With their newly made BILLIONS the Hedge Fund Managers push the price back up over course of 7 days in order to hit their LONG CALL on 2nd Futures market.
If you see a spike in the price of BTC and overall market cap after 1pm PST today (when 1st future call settles) you will have witnessed one of the greatest robberies of ALL TIME.
EDIT 2: We dont need regulation we need innovative blockchain companies that would squash this.... There are financial disrupters working on this as we speak...... These companies will be truly change finance like Orbitz changed the travel industry.
EDIT 3: 30 Minutes till settlement and BTC is up close to $1000 in the last hour. EDIT 4: 30 Minutes after close of 1st future BTC up another $1000 That is a $2000 spike in an hour and a half.
EDIT 5: Thank you kind souls that gave me gold.... I wonder if I can buy StrongHands With it? Also let me set the record straight..... I DONT KNOW SHIT. I've been trading Crypto around three months. I'm not a guru nor should you take what I say as financial advice. One thing I've learned in three months which has been MOST USEFUL is understanding peoples reactions to new and the human emotional decision making process can be predicted to some extent.
EDIT 6: Just seen that CME has a new subscription service allowing us to get live info on their futures market. "Due to client demand, we are providing BTC data in real-time until January 26, 2018. If you would like to license real-time data after that point, visit our Market Data section". http://www.cmegroup.com/trading/equity-index/us-index/bitcoin.html
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Tether and the Global Markets Challenge

Disclaimer - Read the disclaimer.

The U.S. regulatory agency, SEC, regularly works with foreign countries governments and regulatory agencies when enforcing laws on foreign companies. There is more than ample case law and literature that will verify this. That does not apply to all, or even most U.S. or other countries laws. Most laws do not give jurisdiction to one country over another. We will use the example of the world famous KimDotCom and his website Megaupload.

As a Non U.S. citizen, the U.S.'s Department of Justice does not have the jurisdiction to send their agents to New Zealand to arrest him for violating US copyright. They must legally have New Zealand extradite him. This is obvious, or should be to most people. Which is exactly why he is still in New Zealand and not in the U.S. either in court or jail. He has been able to fight extradition for the last 6 years, and hopefully that's how it stays. However, there are certain things which does fall under the jurisdiction of foreign countries. I'm not even going to try to list them here as that isn't important.

The most important thing however is how the U.S. extends jurisdiction when they should have absolutely no legal grounds. Specifically this falls under the Dodd-Frank Act. "Under the Dodd-Frank Act, U.S. courts have jurisdiction over claims of securities violations brought by the SEC or DOJ that involve: 1) Significant steps in furtherance of a violation that occurred in the United States even if the transaction took place outside the United States; or 2) Conduct outside the United States that has a “foreseeable substantial effect” within the United States.”

The U.S. has on more than one occasion claimed jurisdiction over a foreign cryptocurrency exchange. Once for a lawsuit against Mt. Gox (Japan) from 2014 which is still ongoing in the state of Illinois in federal court. More details can be found here.

Again last year when the SEC and DOJ sought charges against BTC-e, a Russian Exchange, and it's owner Alexander Vinnik. Accordingly BTC-e's assets including domain, etc. was seized by the U.S. and charged with operating an unlicensed money service business, money laundering, and related crimes. Details of this case can be found here.

We now also have BCC lawsuits happening. Two have already been filed and a U.S. Judge issued an order to freeze their assets, they were provided 10 days to turn them over. If they decide to not do it since they can’t just be forced as the banking system can, they will then face criminal charges; Not just a lawsuit. More information here.

Now you know shit is serious when the U.S. Government acts faster on something than any other time in the last 200 years. Look no further than Tether and Bitfinex. Most exchanges pair the USDT coins and not USD. This is done so foreign exchanges don't have to worry about U.S. banking laws that any company dealing with USD is legally obligated to do but they are still able to pair things against the US dollar which we all see it listed as USDT/BTC. A vast majority of people will never notice nor even give this a second thought. Exchanges do this specifically because using the USD would subject them to U.S. banking laws but since Tether "USDT" is a coin and not money, exchanges don't have to follow U.S. banking laws. This creates an extra layer of protection for exchanges and they are able to operate much easier without accidentally breaking those or other U.S. money-laundering, know your customer, etc. laws; While they are still able to pair coins with USD thanks to the coins being set 1:1 with the U.S. Dollar.

Many in the community remember last year when Bitfinex announced they announced they were stopping all user activity for U.S. citizen accounts. This was done for a very specific reason, and if you research what Bitfinex did after the last hack of $70 million USD, you will understand why. I'm sure a lot of people that weren't around when the hack occurred wouldn't believe what the exchange did to their customers.

Anyway back to subject on hand. Including using the aforementioned way that exchanges protect themselves by pairing with USDT and not USD; Tether further protects itself by separating itself into multiple entities; Tether Limited (“TLTD“) for U.S. citizens, Tether International Limited (“TIL“) for all Non U.S. citizens for the purpose of issuing, use, etc. of the Tether coin. Tether "TIL", Tether "TLTD" and Bitfinex (owned by iFinex Inc.) are incorporated in Hong Kong. Last but not least, and most important. Tether Holdings founded in 2014, and iFinex Inc. are both based in British Virgin Islands. These are the only parts of Tether and Bitfinex that receive real money, actual US dollars, Euro's, Yen, etc.

Any exchange, wallet, etc. that accepts actual money payments dealing with cryptocurrency knows that by accepting real money they must follow AML/CTF laws of whichever jurisdiction that would apply. Hence why most all exchanges pair with USDT and not USD. Furthermore, most people are also aware that the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, etc. are considered tax havens which is where both holding companies are incorporated. There is much more about Tether if anyone wants to look further. Information released in the Paradise Papers links both companies and finally sheds light on the people behind this. It should be easy for anyone following along to see the possible implications. For our purpose, all we need is know how the companies are structured. Which is why the media just reported on January 31st 2018 that the U.S. issued subpoenas to both Bitfinex and Tether.




If you didn't know what company it was that was structured in this way with multiple sister corps, parent corps, locations, etc. Most people would be baffled as to why any company would go through all that trouble. What practical reason could a cryptocurrency company, in a unregulated world, have to do that in the first place? Fraud is rampant and no one seems to ever go to jail. Even if doing the same thing in any other business would likely result in criminal charges. So why would any company go through all that trouble if they had nothing to worry about. Even if their entire goal is to defraud people such as "B-Connect", why would any foreign company dealing with crypto go through that much trouble in such an unregulated market? Number one that is substantially more expensive financially and also much more work that would have to be done. Not including the additional time and cost to hide that stuff

This is where we need to ask ourselves a question. Putting aside any thought of Tether committing fraud or whatever else is alleged. Let's just look at the basic facts: If foreign exchanges, etc. aren't subject to outside laws because they are located in a different country. Why would any of them use a coin in place of real money for pairings? Wouldn't it be easier no matter what to just pair listing against the dollar. USD/BTC or whatever fiat currency is paired against cryptocurrency. That would just create more accounting and unnecessary additional steps to convert crypto to fiat? No business would adopt a model like that if there was not a fundamental need for the extra work/cost/etc.

We first had to ask that question before we can even ask the next one. So if exchanges are protected from foreign country laws just by using USDT. Why would Tether, Bitfinex, "B-Connect" International for that matter, stop doing business with U.S. citizens if they use USDT and are not based in the U.S.? Why would it matter then if they do business with them? Maybe the reason they ensure that no U.S. citizen can do business with them is because U.S. law does still apply to them if they transact with them. By now everyone knows "B-Connect" was a Ponzi scheme, and if you have paid any attention, the U.S. is going after them tooth and nail. Yes "B-Connect" did have U.S. locations however "B-Connect" International which is the holding company of the new "B-ConnectX" is already up and running and is unable to be shut down since US citizens are not permitted to use that service now.

There is a much more serious risk at hand. A risk that will make the 2014 Mt. Gox crime, which destroyed market cap by over 80% and didn’t recover until 2017, look like a weekend robbery at a convenience store. From 2014 until January 2017 a total of 10 million USDT had been created. No one would even question if they had 10 million USD in a bank account to back each coin up. When Well’s Fargo terminated them as a customer at the end of March, start of April, the total USDT supply increased to 44 million. December 1st when the Paradise papers were released 440 million Tether. Apparently within a week subpoenas were issued, that right there should indicate the severity of the problem.

December 31st 2017 supply was well over 800 million USDT. Fast forward a month and the total is 2.2 billion USDT at the end of January 2018 when the MSM finally picks up on it. NYTimes was the first to have an article of the US mainstream news. To add to the horror show playing out in front of all of us Tether is now issuing a new USDT and EURT on the Ethereum blockchain. The 2.2 billion are on the omni layer protocol which on the Bitcoin blockchain. Note: The new ERC20 USDT and EURT are not intended to replace the USDT that are bitcoin based but rather to compliment.

The implications of this reach much further than the cryptocurrency markets. If you are unaware how Market Capitalization works I will simplify this. If the entire cryptocurrency market capitalization is 500 billion that does not mean that the equivalent amount of money has been put into the system. According to a previous report from JP Morgan since 2009 a total of 6 billion $USD actually entered into the cryptocurrency market and that gave it a 300 billion market capitalization. If you want a more detailed explanation of market capitalization you can look here.

Now what does this all mean? What does this have to do with you or anyone else? You might be saying I don’t have any USDT so why do I even need to care or pay attention. Well simply explained, if $6Bn USD can create a 300 billion market cap. $2Bn USD that technically isn’t there could remove much, much more than $2Bn of hard assets and money from the cryptocurrency market.




Tether is acting as if they are the U.S. Federal Reserve without having to guarantee the USD like the Federal Reserve and U.S. government. In the last few months leading up to the recent all time high’s (ATH) many stories came out of people taking out second mortgages so they could invest in Bitcoin. Multinational corporations have become involved. Even governments have either knowingly or unknowingly invested into it. One of the key players here was also a key player in the 2008 global financial collapse. Only a couple things can happen:

1. Tether has 20%-100% of the USDT backed up with US dollars. Everything should be okay except cryptocurrency now has a central bank.

2. They don’t have US dollars to back it up. Exchanges lock the doors as everyone creates a run on the bank trying to get out before or during the crash, investors lose everything, all $$$ in the system is extracted out by Tether. That will have a detrimental effect on global markets and could trigger the collapse of the stock market bubble which will also take out the housing bubble.


No matter what, this is going to be a very painful ride. Even if they do have the money, the US will make sure it doesn’t continue. Chances of them having the $3Bn as one of their insider friends stated are slime to non existent.

On the bright side, we will witness the greatest theft mankind has ever seen.

Last updated: February 02, 2018
This is not legal or financial advice and as such Author assumes no liability. Always consult with a licensed attorney or legal representative concerning any laws that may be applicable in your jurisdiction.
Author assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the contents on the Service.
In no event shall Author be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages or any damages whatsoever, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tort, arising out of or in connection with the use of the Service or the contents of the Service. Author reserves the right to make additions, deletions, or modification to the contents at any time without prior notice
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[Table] I spent almost 2 years Hitch-Hiking throughout the United States with no money, no phone, and no ID. I slept outside and ate for free. No contact w/ friends/family, no couch surfing, AMA.

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Date: 2014-03-20
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Questions Answers
After the crazy adventure you embarked on, what are you up to now? And how did the experience impact you personally? :) My god, the confidence is incredible. I now have done the scariest thing most people can imagine and I enjoyed it immensely. It's hard to get scared of the challenges of this world when you have that under your belt. I'm 23, I'm a part-time mattress salesman, part-time Bitcoin news aggregator. I'm in a fantastic relationship and the future is fucking bright. :D.
Sounds like a solid career plan. Hell yes, one thing is for sure, putting that on a resume WILL get you the interview.
That's awesome, my SO and I have always talked about just selling all of our belongings and going traveling, this inspires me to start bugging him about it again :P. Awesome! I also made a video a while back if you need more motivation. Link to www.youtube.com
You are so adorable! I want to be best friends with you. Aaawww.
Good on you for doing this. I've done a few such trips/journeys in my life as well (except with different goals, constraints, etc.), and like you it changed my outlook on life and my fellow man/woman forever. How many miles would you estimate you traveled in those two years? What was your favorite location and why? And of course the reverse, what was a shithole you couldn't wait to get out of and why? Hello fellow traveler! Glad to hear you got a lot out of it as well. I would say I travelled approx. 3000 miles total, crossing the country twice and going up and down coasts a few times.
Stockton!! My wife and I were both born there. Shitty town indeed. Glad to hear ya'll are out!
My town was actually mentioned on reddit! Stuart florida is where its at man! Hey! Do you know the Vintage Guitar Shop that used to be there?
What about Houston? Didn't spend much time there, but I do hope to soon!
Where did you poop? If outside, did you carry toilet paper? Best question ever. EVER. I always pooped indoors, fast food restaurants mostly. Sometimes libraries and other establishments, but mostly fast food places.
Were you ever harassed by the cops for loitering/sleeping in public/etc.? If so, how did they handle your lack of I.D.? I got two tickets for "trespassing" (sleeping on private property), one cop to search my bags for drugs (Not my thing) and several skeptical questionings. There were also a few times where I got tired of hitching and decided to just walk on the highway so a cop would give me a ride to the next exit. Worked almost every time. :D.
How did you pay the fines for the tickets? Let's just say I didn't pay them...
What (if anything) came of it? Nothing, they were local so as long as I don't get in any legal trouble in those cities I'm fine.
When did you decided enough is enough and it's time to head home? Actually, part of why I left was to get away from my abusive parents. I went back when I decided I wanted to see them with new eyes, to make sure I wasn't just being young and rebellious. I've since cut ties with them for good. Best decision ever. :)
Sweet, were you ever in a life threatening situation? Nope.
What did you do during winter months? I mean, depending on where you ended up, it's awful hard surviving the elements. Like the birds, south for the winter. Texas, Arizona, Louisiana, Florida.
Would still freeze in texas and arizona though. I live in texas. Me too, warm sleeping bags are still essential.
Could you comment on what your absolute necessities were, what you carried with you at all times? A lot of the time I had literally only a sleeping bag, sometimes books, sometimes a guitar, sometimes a tent, etc. also a bag of paper notes from people I met. Still have that. :)
How was Minnesota? Didn't make it to MN on that trip, been there since (in summer) loved it.
When arriving at a location, were you preferential to any routines? Look around, find a place to sleep, find other travelers.
Any wildlife encounters? Almost stepped on a rattle snake! Jeee-Zus!
How many times did you get laid? Enough. ;)
What did your friends say when you told them of your plan? Did some try and talk you out of it? Did some want to join you? At the time I was having a falling out with some major friends (I was becoming an Athiest) but the other friends and coworkers I told thought it was crazy, but crazy awesome. I think it was inconceivable to them at the time. No one tried to talk me out of it, but no one wanted to join either.
You mentioned in another comment about your abusive parents. Did you grow up in a very religious community? Did you coming out as an atheist influence your relationship with your parents? Nail on the head. Evangelical Christians. Turns out their love is conditional on doing what they want you to do.
Why no ID? Because it's awesomer (now a word), I wanted to go as far to the bottom as I could.
What was the best and the worst you found down there? Best: Knowing I could live and enjoy what most people consider the scariest.
Worst: Wasn't able to go to all the cool money-costing things.
I was kind of hoping for. Best: (a remarkable story about human kindness) Worst: (A terrifying story involving a satanic sex cult, a truckload of ferrits and a currently seated Senator) A follow up question: Why? What if I told you a remarkable story about a trucking sex cult of ferrit senators teaching me lessons of sexy human kindness? And why? Because it was fun!
Go on... We'll lets just say never talk to a French canary unless you're ready to line dance with Frank Zappa again.
You have lived the life I dream about exquisite
I guess I'm curious about more details about how you got enough food every day? How did people react when you asked for "throwaway food"? How did your family/friends react to all this? Did you tell them you were going to do this before you left or did you just take off? Okay, so when I felt hunger coming on I would go to the nearest restaurant/gas station/place with food and tell them what I was doing and ask if they had any food they were going to throw away or work I could do in exchange for food. Most were at least nice in saying no (usually for legal reasons(lawsuits)) but many actually whipped something up, something new and fresh, those people were awesome! Some reacted rudely or confusedly, but the vaaast majority were at least nice. :). My family/friends thought it was absolutely nuts, some knew beforehand but others just heard through the grapevine. As far as skyping, message me some times that work for you, I'm in central time.
How old were you when you embarked and what made you decide you wanted to do that? Every day The thought of just fucking off like that crosses my mind. I was 20, I wanted to radically change the direction of my life, and what better way to do so? I learned about things I could never have imagined existed and I'll tell you it was one HELL of an education.
That is awesome. But did it drastically change your life? Are you humble & don't need money to be happy? Or did you learn something and apply that to make more money or what did you learn?? I would say It helped me see money as more of a tool than anything. If the money isn't fun, it's not worth going after. Once I got that happiness ought to be the goal and not money, money became easier to obtain and less scary.
I know you're done for the night, but hopefully you'll answer a few extra questions sparked by your "one HELL of an education". How did you decide where you wanted to go (after you went to Oregon)? I saw you mention in a different comment that you tried to find other travelers when you got to a city. How does one do that? Message board, gathering place? What, if anything, did you sort of "toss in" which ended up really coming in handy? And last but not least, simply any other advice you'd have that might seem obvious to you, but not to something only starting to consider hitching? It quickly becomes natural, but you look for tourist areas, street musicians, people with big backpacks, etc. Take this as an opportunity to practice being somewhat of a radical. Test the bounds of what is socially acceptable and determine when it is a good idea to run beyond those bounds. Try to live so differently from how you live now that you'll have no choice but to see the world differently on the other end. Be the guy you want to be. But you must build him(her), he won't just come when you ask him to, you must prove that you are worth his presence. BONUS QUESTION: I loved traveling alone, I saw it as a great opportunity to get to know myself (and practice #6), traveling with a partner is not bad, but I think being alone will help you in ways a partner cannot. Learning to be comfortable alone is key. Plus, you'll always make friends and travel with them short-term, so you will never be too lonely. Also, you can do a lot more alone. If you're alone you only need a consensus of one which although sometimes may not be easy, is a hell of a lot easier than a consensus of two or three. Aye! Of course! The most important advice! Have fun! Thanks for the good questions, feel free to let me know how the adventure goes, my message box is always open. :D.
Reminds me of Alexander Supertramp It's an honor.
What was the worst and best thing strangers did foto you? The worst was a man who decided to molest me in my sleep. I became much more cautious about people after that and did not have anything similar happen ever again.
The best were numerous, being given guitars was great. All the people who gave great meals, advice, rides, places to stay, stories and tips for where to go were awesome.
What is the most memorable advice you received? "Never fall into bored submission" and "You'll do fine wherever you go, kid."
Wow, that's heavy, there's some amount of weirdos out there! How was your mood, we're you down a lot? Or embracing life? Most of the time it was a blast, but that was a shitty time as one can imagine...
I want to put the former on my wall. I want to put both on my children's wall, if I ever have any. Do it, send me pictures. :)
Of course! I would have thought enough was enough at that stage Yeah, but the other rewards were great, and I learned how to avoid that. I had been getting bad vibrations from the guy, but ignored them. No more of that.
Well, I guess I'll start. Did you have any crazy experiences? Was there a reason you did it? Getting a ride from the leader of the local chapter of the KKK -Hopping a train from California to Oregon -Traveling with crust punks and hippies -Being given a total of 5 free guitars on my journey.
Why did I do it? I wanted to go out and see the world without having money or joining some group. I wanted to see what life was like on the bottom, or as close as I could get.
What is crust punk? What happened to all the guitars? Glad you are safe and well! Homeless punk rockers. :) As far as the guitars I gave them up when I was done with them. Thanks!
What does "on the bottom" mean to you? To me, it means living under a bridge with several untreatable horrible diseases, no support whatsoever, and getting physically attacked daily, or something. If that happened to you, I have to say that absolutely sucks and I'm sorry. As for me, yes it could have been "worse", but that's not what I'm referring to. I mean being by most people's standards "on the bottom", no money, no social standing, few resources.
If you could re-live one day of this journey...which day and why? I think the first day, it would be fun to feel what it was like pre-adventure again, I'd love to compare my happiness to now. (Much happier now)
What was the most fucked up thing that happened? I was walking towards the desert in Blythe, California getting ready to find a spot to camp, when a drunk man in a poncho comes up to me and says his name is Running Bear. He offers me vodka and says I can stay in his shanty. He points to the arco gas station and says "You see that gas station? I built that with my own two handsss, man!" He took me to his uncle's property where his shanty was and showed me his uncle's barn, which was full of giant tires and explains "Don't sleep in there, the black widows will eat you alive!" he then shows me his uncles giant fiberglass tubs. "Don't sleep in there! That shit will cut you up!" He explained that he and his girlfriend, a "skinny white bitch with biiig fake titties" would cook a rotisserie chicken for dinner. The chicken was raw and sitting out in the open air outside on a table. There were peppers and lemons near it. He explained that I could sleep in his shanty and I did, but I woke up not too long later to hear him and his girlfriend arguing, ending with him pouring gasoline all over her. That was very scary and sad, I didn't know what to do so I just left.
What was the most amazing? Same goes for amazing, but I'll just say when I arrived in New Paltz, NY and within a few minutes some friendly voices asked if I wanted to go swimming. :)
What surprised you the most? Also hard to answer, but for now I'll say the sheer amount of people living this kind of life. Maybe millions in the US alone.
What didn't you realize ahead of time that should have seemed stupidly obvious? NOT TO BRING 100 POUNDS OF STUFF.
What's the worst and best parts about not carrying an ID? Worst, maybe more risky? Didn't really find out. Best? More badass.
What did you miss the most while you were out there? Consistency, I love surprises and chosen instability if it's for something worthwhile, but I'm glad to be in a predictable world again.
What do you miss most now that you're back? Spontaneity. The opposite of the above. But fundamentally I'm glad to be here times 1 million, just as I was glad to be there times 1 million. :)
What did you do for personal hygiene? Showers, clothes, etc. At the time (things have changed) I showered a couple times a month on average, when I was invited into someone's home, or I swam.
How did your hair look in the end (head and face!)? Face has always been pretty clean as I seem to be incapable of bearding.
How did you handle coming back (financially)? Started from the bottom, asked for help, and worked like hell.
I'd like to add that I'm jealous and wish I could man up and do this. I've wanted to for years, but it's hard to drop all of my friends and family and leave them worried. I always say if it's gonna be one of those things you're gonna kick yourself for you might as well do it. We all will die one day.
What would you say is a good age to go on such an adventure? I'm sure being young helped against any hitch-hiking suspicions from others. Being young helps, but as long as you don't look crazy and aren't an asshole, you should be fine. Too many people use age as an excuse for anything.
Ive dreamed about doing this sort of thing before, the only thing really holding me back is my girlfriend. did you start out with any sort of itinerary? a list of spots you wanted to see? what did you bring with you, change of clothes maybe? backpack? protection? it hought if were to ever actually start to walk i would want a gun or some sort of fighting proficiency. What tips would you provide to the intrepid traveler? On weapons: I did start out with a knife, but soon realized I'd rather just not put myself in situations where I'd need protection and ditched it. Never needed it. When I started I brought everything. Tent, axe, books, everything. I kept getting rid of more and more stuff until I had just a sleeping bag and a couple odds and ends. When I started, I wanted to go to Oregon, and I did, then when I did that I just went wherever I wanted to. :)
Where and when (month-wise) did you start? how long did it take to get to oregon? was that leg of the trip more walking or hitching rides? Orange, CA. October 1st. It took about two weeks to get to Oregon, I was mostly hitch-hiking, but I was just learning at that point.
Sounds somewhat like Into the Wild. Was it a similar experience? Very similar, except I chose not to try to escape my fellow man.
What's the best way to safely pick up a hitchhiker, or to safely hitchhike? For both: talk to them. Get a good reading on them. Are they calm, happy, attentive? You may be in the car for a while, do they seem like they'd be fun to hang out with for a while. AVOID CHARITY CASES, either their car broke down and it's no big deal or they're on an adventure and don't want charity cause they're having fun. In both cases, play it safe, there will be plenty others. My average pick up time was about a minute, so if you don't pick them up someone else will. Make sense?
What are you up to these days? I live in Austin, I'm a part-time mattress salesman, part-time Bitcoin news aggregator. I'm building an awesome relationship and those are my major focuses. :)
Should also note that I'm working towards getting my income completely online so my SO and I can travel regularly, maybe full time.
Hi! Thanks for sharing your experiences! My question is, based on your experiences, how do you think the experience would differ if you were female? Did you encounter a lot of women on your travels as well or was it mostly men? Any other relevant thoughts about how gender would affect an experience like this? Hey there, being a dude makes it easier I'm sure. The women I encountered were either in partnerships, teams or packing weapons and a dog. Unfortunately we live in a world where men like to rape from time to time and that is something to be aware of. Although I can't give direct advice on the subject, I can say it is possible but to be smart. Wish the world was different. :(
What was the most unbelievable/craziest thing you saw on your travels? That's a HARD question to answer, so I'll give a crazy thing. I was picked up by a team of traveling magazine salesmen. They were all young and shared the same hotel room. (I have my doubts they were actually selling magazines) the leader took me to a strip club and said he wanted to hire me as a bodyguard and would train me with firearms. I got the hell out. Crazy enough? :D.
This is one thing normal people don't usually believe about traveling. Things get weird fast when you jump off the map. Hell, things are already pretty weird on the map!
Is that right? or are you exaggerating? I imagine there'd be some stigmas attached to such an awesome adventure. what kind of labeling has been layed on you? If you know how to tell a story right, you can get anyone excited. They'll bring you in just cause they want to hear the story.
Do you fear that as you acclimatise to being back in a modern society that the joy you achieved as essentially a stoneage traveller will turn to depression as you find that the travelling nature of humanity is strangled out of you by things such as work and sitting down? Fuck no! I feared that, but I'm now working towards getting my income online so my SO and I can travel regularly! Plus after doing that for two years I really appreciate me some stability. :D.
So what was your typical day like? Typical day is hard to say. If I was trying to get somewhere, I would be standing on the side of the road with my thumb out or walking. I sometimes walked for days at a time. When I would get hungry, I would go from restaurant to restaurant asking if they had any "throw-away" food I could have for free.
If I was in a city or town I wanted to stay in for a while, I would be hanging out with other travelers, playing music, asking for tourists leftovers or exploring.
Lots of aviation, but this is as close to a typical description I could give you for now.
aviation. YES AVIATION!!! LOTS OF AVIATION! No, err, umm variation, autocorrect.
Good god, you're as fast as you are chirpy. Blows smoke from recently fired pistol.
You mentioned that you brought books with you. Have you ever thought of writing one about your travels and adventures? I would imagine plenty of people (including myself) would enjoy reading it. I have thought about it, what would be interesting to you in a book like that?
I'm sure you had plenty of crazy experiences and learned some important life lessons on your journey. Both of which would be worth reading about. I'm pretty sure everyone has wished they could do what you did at one point in time. I'll continue thinking about it, it would be fun to write a book...
Hey, I hope it isn't too late to ask some questions: Did you ever get mugged or robbed on your way? And what's the best advise you might have for someone who wants to do something like this? Thanks! Nope, no mugging. I did leave a tent in the woods for a while and it was gone when I got back, but I would hardly call that a robbery. The best advice? If you want to do it, go do it. But that's good general advice too. :D.
Zombies.. Zombies love hitch-hikers. Case closed.
I'd love to, in fact I'm planning to after my degree :) Do it! Have a ton of fun!
What kind of books do you read? George Orwell - Down & Out in Paris & London.
Stefan Molyneux - On Truth, The Tyranny of Illusion.
Timothy Ferris - The Four Hour Work Week.
Dale Carnegie - How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.
Ayn Rand - The Fountainhead.
There's many others but these are the first that come to mind.
Did you ever met Kai the hatchet wielding hitchiker ? Unfortunately no...
Ok, have to ask: How did your mom and dad feel about this adventure? Scared shitless, but I should clarify that my parents were not good people and this also helped me get away from them.
Damned sorry to hear that. Sounds like you turned out pretty well though. Stay pure! Thank you, I think I did pretty well with the random crazy I was born into.
How often did you have to sleep in the woods? When did you decide the tent was not needed? I'd say 75% of nights were spent in the woods, I was rarely getting rained on and lugging around the tent was a bummer, so I decided just to use the sleeping bag and find other modes of shelter ( buildings, tall trees, etc.) for those few rainy nights. Eventually I discovered that tarp are the best things ever for rain protection.
Was there any part of your adventure where you were stuck with no options and thought "damn this was a bad idea..." ? Not really, I always had options. But sometimes I was scared that I finally had run out. I now think I'll always have options until I'm dead.
What do you think were the most important skills? Understanding psychology, trusting my guts, logic ( to avoid crazy people), improvisation, understanding fear, assertiveness, curiosity.
Congrats. Sincerely. Like many others here I have long dreamt of doing the same. Have you considered sharing more of your stories in the form of a novel? I would love to read about it, in more detail than here. Did you every feel on the brink of giving up and going back to the norm? If so, what made you feel that way, other than the stability? As far as the novel goes, that may be something I'm interested in, but at least at this point, I'm not. What kinds of details would you be interested in hearing more about?
As far as "giving up", no, I don't think so. I don't see what I'm doing now as much different, just a later section of the same life. I loved hitch-hiking, but I also love having a job, and an apartment, and buying cool soap dispensers. I think life can and might as well be awesome and it wasn't difficult to stay away from not being awesome, if that makes sense. :D.
I'm sorry I didn't mean giving up in that notion. what I meant to say was, at any point did anything happen to you or maybe just home sickness that had you wanting to go home, or to see your friends? Sorry for the poor grammar and all. 420. Not really no. I didn't like my home life so much.
Simple question but how old are you? Simpler answer 24 tomorrow. :)
So how old were you when you left home? I was 20.
Why? Because.
What' styling you down? If you don't mind a stranger prying.. "Brooo... What's stylin, man?"
I know some travelers and they all seem to have acquired some sort if nick name over the years, were you ever given a street name? I gave myself the name "Felix Walker" then later just called myself "Home."
Interesting. Any particular reasoning that you wouldn't mind sharing? Sure, Felix is Latin for happy and Walker is English for walker, plus it's catchy! Home was the name of an Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes song I really liked at the time, it was clever due to my "homelessness" and it was catchy!
Hahaha I like that. You seem to have good humor, I'm sure that served you well in some less-than-comfortable situations I'm sure you found yourself in. Humor always helps.
So, I was also a big fan of Into The Wild. I was wondering, have you crossed over the Salton Sea at all? I have planned to take a trip their senior year of high school (Junior now). I just want to explore the country before I start all my hard work you know? I haven't, but you should! Please take some time off, everyone wants it, everyone needs it, not enough do it. It'll make you wiser and more badass.
No doubt man. Thanks for answering! No worries!
Any advice for someone who wants to do something similar? I hope to one day take off on my bike from my home in wisconsin and keep going south until i hit ocean - hopefully on the southern tip of south america! Im currently a freshman in high school, so i have plenty of time. I've been thinking of taking a year off from school after i finish high school, before going to college. Is that a good idea, or should i wait until after college? Brother, if you weren't legally bound to stay in school now I'd say go now! A lot of people tell themselves they'll wait until after their first year of college to do X, then until after they graduate, then until after they've had a good job on their resume, then after they're married, then after they have kids, then after the kids are grown, then when they retire. By that time their motivation is gone and their health is going. Don't do that. Either do it now or do it soon. It'll be awesome.
Thanks for the encouragement! How much of your trip was planned? Did you just take off one day or did you map out a specific route? No worries, I started with the goal to go from souther California to Corvallis Oregon, after that I had flexible, general goals that I made up as I went along i.e. Get to East Coast, Go to New York, go back to California, etc.
What did you eat?? I'd love to do this but I get suuuper cranky without my food. I think I'd need to pussy out a little and bring money for food. Food! You'll be fine, lots of strangers will give you grub. I came nowhere near starving.
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